My Top 10 GNOME Extensions (September 2016)

Recently I completed my switch to GNOME and so far I’m loving it! I’m using Arch Linux and GNOME 3.20 and I will be sharing with you my top 10 GNOME extensions.

10. Alternate Tab

This comes by default for most GNOME installations and what it does is very simple, it won’t group windows based by application. Although its a minor extension, it certainly does help a lot when flicking between windows of the same app (eg: file manager) [Pre-Installed in GNOME]


9. Arch Linux Updates Indicator

OK, so this isn’t for every distro out there but if you are an arch user, you know what its like to update! 😉 So this nifty extension just shows the amount of updates are pending and gives a list of the updates. You can change the value between how often it searches for updates if you want to. [Get it from here]


8. Caffeine

Many of you may have or haven’t heard of this but what it does is it stops from putting the screen to sleep or locked state. It’s very useful when watching long videos. [Get it from here]


7. Dynamic Top Bar

This extension is one of my favourites when it comes to look and feel. What it enables you to do is when there aren’t apps maximized, it will go transparent and basically looks splendid! Try it for yourself! [Get it from here]


6. Media Player Indicator

For all music lovers out there! If you are looking for a music applet that will integrate well with GNOME, look no further! This extension has everything you want it to do. It works with almost all music players. I personally use it with Audacious and Spotify and it works perfectly! [Get it from here]


5. Removable Drive Menu

This is self-explanatory. A nice applet for managing mass storage and enables you to safely eject your USBs/HDDs etc [Pre-Installed in GNOME]


4. User themes

What is GNOME without shell-themes? In my opinion, it should be automatically checked. This will let you use any shell themes you might’ve installed in GNOME, therefore you can get a more complete experience! (eg: Arc theme + Arc shell theme) [Pre-Installed in GNOME]

3. Workspace Indicator

Although the icon doesn’t exactly fit flush with the rest of these applets, its a good indicator which is good if you are like myself, switching between workspaces. Not really necessary but nifty nonetheless.

2. Suspend Button

What I don’t get is why didn’t GNOME enable this by default? It makes no sense whatsoever not to have a sleep button. But it does what it is supposed to do… Put the computer to sleep. [Get it from here]

1. Dash to dock

This is perhaps by far, the best extension in my opinion. It speeds up my workflow and also can really make any desktop look nice. Mine auto-hides on the left hand side and I push to it whenever I need it. Its seamless and works well. [Get it from here]



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